What to Expect

Inviting assistance into your home is a very personal decision.

Optage Hospice staff understands we are guests in your home. Our first concern is to provide service while respecting your choices and values.


Contact Us

You can contact Optage Hospice 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. You can expect the Community Service Counselor to listen to you and share how Optage Hospice can help.


First Visit

After choosing Optage Hospice, you will be contacted typically within 24-48 hours. A team of caring professionals will be assigned to you based on your specific needs.


Ongoing Support

A hospice registered nurse, other hospice staff, and volunteers make regular visits. Comfort measures include expert management of pain and other symptoms, such as problems breathing or swallowing. You are offered and provided with medical equipment and medications related to your diagnosis.


Ongoing Family Education

Your family receives guidance and information about your condition, symptoms, medications, and how to best care for your medical and personal needs.


Emotional and Spiritual Counseling

Both you and your family may benefit from the additional spiritual and emotional resources we provide during this phase of life. This includes help for your family through and after the dying process.

We are here to help.

Let’s work together.