Care Team

Optage Circle of Care

Feel secure within our Circle of Care. Holistic care is delivered by an entire team of Christian professionals focused on you. Our expert knowledge of medical, end-of-life care means we can anticipate your needs and take care of the details.

We work closely with your primary physician who directs your plan of care. As a team, we support your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs so that you can make the most of each day.

Receive the care and attention you deserve. Staff and volunteers have specialized knowledge of medical care so we can anticipate your needs and take care of the details.

Your care team includes:

You the Patient

  • Integral part of the team
  • Decides who is part of your Circle of Care

Medical Director

  • Oversees care
  • Consultations with hospice physicians may occur in your home or by phone, as needed


  • Assist in relieving pain and other distressing symptoms and facilitates medication management 
  • Provide the initial and ongoing comprehensive assessments
  • Provide education to those assisting with personal care and daily living activities 
  • Are on-call 24/7 to respond to medical situations


  • Provides spiritual support to people of all faiths, beliefs, denominations and religious affiliations
  • Coordinates care with your or your family’s church, synagogue, or other spiritual community and its leaders
  • May also assist with funeral planning, memorial services, life reviews, prayer, scripture and other forms of religious support

Medical Social Worker

  • Provide emotional and psychosocial support
  • Coordinate and facilitate care conferences with you, your family and other provider
  • May also assist with finding community, financial and other resources

Hospice Aide

  • Provides assistance in personal care and activities of daily living

Massage Therapists

  • Provide comfort through gentle touch massage
  • Assist in relieving a variety of symptoms by developing individualized relaxation and coping techniques


  • Provide companionship to you and your family through visits, running errands and providing caregivers with short breaks

Volunteer with Optage Hospice

Music Therapists

  • Provide emotional and spiritual support to you and your family
  • Assist in relieving a variety of symptoms through use of music and other creative interventions
We are here to help.

Let’s work together.